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 We have the best to offer in Electronic Fuel Injection for ANY racing application.      

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Lots of Buick Grand National Parts and Supplies, Terry Houston Downpipes, Red Armstrong Parts and White Racing Kits.

Pictured here, a Buick 3.8 Motor with Hydraulic Roller Cam Kit installed using Roller Lifters.

Roller Lifter Kit Installed

Race Prep'd Buick 3.8

Pictured here, a Buick 3.8 Motor with Roller Cam Kit and 1.65:1 T&D Roller Rockers.

T&D Rocker Shaft Assembly

T&D Roller Rockers    Please contact us for current pricing.

Available in 1.55 - 1.60 - 1.65 Ratio

Roller Cam Kit

Buick 3.8 and 4.1 Hydraulic Roller Cam Kit

Please contact us for current pricing.

This kit includes everything you need to install a Hydraulic Roller Cam in your Turbo Regal.  The front cover will require (1) spot face modification which can be done at any local machine shop for aprox. $ 50 or you can send us your front cover for the modification.  Valve Springs and Retainers must be selected based on Camshaft Specs. and Cylinder Head chosen.

Our Kit Includes the following:

Roll master Timing Gears & Chain (modified)
Camshaft Endplay Adjustment Spacer Kit
SP Hydraulic Roller Lifters (not shown)
Camshaft Sensor Drive Gear (modified)
Camshaft Thrust Bearing Assy.
Camshaft Eccentric (modified)
Billet Hydraulic Roller Cam
Camshaft Thrust Button
SP Hardened Pushrods
Camshaft Spacer Plate
Camshaft Wearplate
Camshaft Washer
Camshaft Spacer
Camshaft Key

Champion Race Heads

Champion Head

Champion Head

Ported Versions available from Street to All Out Race

Please contact us for current pricing.

Parting options available also.

9 Second Engine

90mm Plenum Adapter

Please contact us for current pricing.

Allow the use of a Ford Style 90mm Throttle Body on a 4 blb style intake manifold on the Stage II motors.


90mm Plenum Adapter

Precision Front Cover

Please contact us for current pricing.

Includes High Volume Oil Pump, assorted springs, gasket and seal.

precfcov.jpg (24423 bytes)

Here is a Stage II 4 blb Style Intake with fabricated Injector Bungs, Plenum adapter, Fuel rails and a HEMCO Plenum.

Ready for Some 8 Second Runs!!!!

Stage II Intake

Stage II Headers

Stage II Headers      Please contact us for current pricing.

Terry Houston Down Pipes


304 Stainless

Please contact us for current pricing.
1.350" Integral Waste Gate
Includes test pipe (with cutout) and all hardware
Specify Stock, Kenny Bell, or ATR style Exhaust Headers

XP 2000 Pump

Red Armstrong Fuel Pumps and Regulators

Red Armstrong Volt Booster

Installs in minutes

Activates at 10 PSI of Boost

Increases Voltage to the Electrical System

Please contact for current pricing.

Red Armstrong Volt Booster

Racing Torque Converters

8" Torque Convertor


Application / Type


10" Street & Strip 3000 to 4000 Stall Market $
9" Street & Strip 3500 to 4500 Stall Market $

Street & Strip 4500 to 5500 Stall

Market $

Street & Strip 5500 to 6500 Stall

Market $

All Converters are Non Lockup Units

Buick Alternator Bracket Assembly  Please contact us for current pricing.

This assembly was designed to allow the elimination of the Power Steering and Air Conditioning.

A special serpentine belt is available to run the Alternator.

The Alternator is relocated to a lower height to allow much greater clearance of the Turbo Charger Inlet Air Hose or Ducting.

Buick Altenator Bracket