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This Step By Step shows how EASY it is to Install "Plug-N-Play" Programmable Electronic Fuel Injection on Your Car


White Racing manufactures "Plug-N-Play" Interface Systems for most cars from 1985 to 2002.

This is the complete Kit for the 1987 Buick Grand National as supplied by White Racing.

Let's install this System in a 1987 Buick Grand National. We'll also time the installation to see how long it takes . . . .


First, Pop Off the Passenger Kick Panel.
Remove the factory ECM from the Kick Panel.
Unplug the factory ECM and Remove it from the car.
The is the Plug-N-Play Interface that we will now install.
The White Racing Plug-N-Play Interface Adapter plugs into the Stock Wiring Harness - No Spices or cutting of wires!!!!!.
Now the FAST Programmable ECM is  connected to the Plug-N-Play Interface Adapter.
Install the FAST ECM into the Kick Panel similar to the OEM Computer.
Now Pop the Cover back in place and the Compute is Installed. Everything Looks STOCK!!!!
All of that took about 5 minutes - We'll hook up the Programming Cable and go to the Engine Compartment.
Some Kits will be supplied with a MAP Sensor if the vehicle was manufactured with only a restrictive MASS Air Flow Sensor (MAF). The FAST and ACCEL ECM's use Speed Density technology which measures the manifold pressure instead of air flow.
Below, we will install the remaining parts from the Kit. The MAP/TPS Adapter Harness is next.
Only used in some vehicles which were not equipped with factory MAP sensors, this harness powers the MAP sensor using power from the TPS and eliminates the MAF sensor.
Locate the MAP/TPS Interface Cable and MAP Sensor from the Kit
Unplug the MAF Sensor - If desired the MAF may be eliminated and replaced with a filter or any ohter air inlet that is less restrictive.
The MAP/TPS Adapter plugs into the stock wiring to send the MAP Signal back to the new computer.

No Splicing is done here . . . .

The MAP Sensor is installed here. It is plugged directly into the MAP/TPS Interface Cable and a vaccuum hose is connected to the Intake Manifold.

Next, unplug the TPS Sensor.

To complete the MAP/TPS Adapter installation, unplug the TPS connector and install the adapter between the TPS sensor and OEM harness.

No splices here, it plugs right in.....

Here the Optional WBO2 Sensor is installed with the 7-Wire Extention Cable provided in the Kit.

WBO2 & Linear O2 Info

Install the Windows software on the laptop and enter the parameters of your motor.

Injector Size, Displacement and Number of Cylinders.

The Complete Installation took Only 16 Minutes.

What could be easier?    
Turn the key and start playing !!!

The optional WBO2 (full time closed loop control) replaces the O2 sensor that came on the car. This unit senses the actual Air/Fuel ratio of the engine, feeds it back to the computer which then maintains the Air/Fuel RAtio which is correct for your motor. This sensor is a lead tolerant sensor unlike the factory sensor. Using racing fuel will not "burn it out" like factory sensors.

The WBO2 sensor was installed here in the downpipe but can be installed in the factory location. The cable is supplied in the installation kit since there was never any factory wiring to operate a 7-wire Wide Range A/F Sensor.

On Turbo Charged and Supercharged motors, the WBO2 (Wide Band O2) Sensor is programmed to change Air/Fuel Ratio based on engine boost. The engine may be ran at leaner A/F ratios for cruising and richer A/F ratios for WOT conditions. All of this is 100% programmable by YOU!!!!!

Pictured here is the EDist Controller. This unit is optionally used when "Coil Over Plug" applications require direct control of the Coils. This can be used for controlling GM LS1 or FORD Distributorless Systems.

Some of the other super nice features these systems have are:
   - Data Logging and overlay
   - Internet Connection Hosting 
   - Data Logger that replaces the Laptop
   - 100% closed loop control at ALL engine loads.
   - The ability to program EVERY function to control the motor.
   - The ability to run any fuel injector without running to rich or lean.
   - The ability to make changes as you go.

The FAST Data Logger.

It may be purchased to operate in the car in place of the Laptop for Data Logging. It may be powered by a 9 Volt Battery or by the cars 12 volt wiring. It may also be removed from the car and downloaded to a Laptop or Desktop.

This is a great tool for the race track. It weighs under 1 lb and is just slightly larger than the floppy disk as shown in the picture.

Records up to 14 channels of Data.
(In cases where it is not feasible to offer the aftermarket systems, we offer some GM
PCM reprogramming on our In-House 2000 HP Chassis Dyno.)



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E-Mail: Dan@Whiteracing.com

Online support is available with file download capability.

If you need help with Electronic Fuel Injection...

You have come to the right place!!!!!!




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