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What WBO2 and Linear O2 can do for you....

Wide Band O2 control is some technology which only recently (in the last few years) that has been incorporated into the Aftermarket Fuel Injection Systems.  This is the wave of the future and is the most accurate fuel control that we know of.

The sensors are usually 7-wire Oxygen sensing type sensors that have a WIDE RANGE of operation unlike stand O2 sensors which are really "analog switches" that indicate a perfect "cruise or emission" A/F ratio.  Wide Band Aftermarket systems allow YOU to program the A/F ratio that you desire the motor to run at. The DFI or FAST ECM will run in CLOSED LOOP and maintain this setting 100% after the engine temperature meets your programed starting point.

The User can now see the exact A/F ratio of the motor during cold start where most aftermarket ECM programmers have problems.  Allowing the key to stay on unit the internal heating element in the sensor warms up (usually 10-15 seconds) before starting the car will then allow you to see actual A/F as the motor is first started.  Corrections can then be made with a great deal of confidence to correct startup and warmup issuses.

This is GREAT for racecars because you can program a "leaner" 14.7:1 to 15:1 A/F for cruising and then slowly increase the target A/F to 12.5:1 or 11:1 for power.  This is especially important for turbo and supercharged applications where slight errors in A/F can cost you an engine or damage parts.

The A/F is constantly displayed and calculated along with the exact correction at any given time.  The user can see exactly how much error there is in his base programming and correct it.  Using the FAST system DOS software, correcting the error in the program is as easy as reaching over and hitting the "L" key on the keyboard.  The CComWP software will instantly correct the VE% (fuel table) to the proper value that is required.

Tuning any motor now becomes very easy for you.  You don't need to have a technician program the system or use a $10,000 A/F meter like the Horiba system to find out what the engine A/F is running at.

Another advantage is that the sensor is lead tolerant and can be used with all of the methanol and racing fuels available without damaging the sensor.  Standard factory style O2 sensors will degrade extremely quickly with the use of racing fuel.  Sometimes they will only last 2-3 runs at the racetrack or 20 minutes on the street.

On an average the WBO2 or Linear O2 option is $750-950 depending on FAST or DFI..  While FAST has the cheapest of the options, they are still the best and most accurate.

This option is a MUST HAVE for any turbo or supercharged car.  FAST (formally Felpro/SpeedPro) calls their system
WBO2 which stands for Wide Band O2 while Linear O2 is sold thru Accel for the Gen VII series ECM's.


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