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 We have the best to offer in Electronic Fuel Injection for ANY racing application. 

*** NEW FOR 2014 ***

Buick V6 Serpentine Belt Tensioner Page - Click Here

E85 Kits and Conversions for BIG HP without Race Fuel

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If you want Electronic Fuel Injection on your Street or Race Car, you have came to the right place. We are the people who Design and Build the Plug-n-Play Systems which allow you to Easily Install Replacement Electronic Fuel Injection Systems on your car.


E-Mail: Dan@Whiteracing.com


Home of the Fastest 10-Inch Tire Twin Turbo Buick V6 Outlaw Car

*** FOR SALE ***

Twin Turbo Buick V6

Mid 7 to High 6 Second Race Car

Bowling Green 2004

See VIDEOS and Pictures on the FAST CARS Page

The Three Most popular systems are FAST - BigStuff - Accel/DFI

We handle all of these systems and help you choose which one is right for your application and then assist you with the installation and programming.

Over the next few months our web site should be updated with many of the new products we sell and have designed. If you are doing a winter project we have the necessary parts and systems to help you.

Those of you out there looking to make the conversion from carburetors to the Electronic Fuel Injection can take advantage of our Custom Fabrication of "Specialty" harness's for making these conversions.

See How to Install the Plug-N-Play Fuel Injection In YOUR CAR in just Minutes

Buick Grand National T-Type Page


Recent E85 fuel development with FAST and BigStuff 3 has allowed us to increase boost on many street applications without detonation. E85 fuel is rated at 105 Octane compared to typical 92 or 93 Octane pump gas available.

With the BigStuff 3 and the Wide Band O2 closed loop control we can get more HP from the existing engine combination. The turbo cars respond well to this extra octane and allows the boost to be increase without knock.

The car can also be modified with this technology to a flex fuel vehicle.

Call Us for Details

Custom Fabricated 440 Intake for MOPAR

This is one of our FAST XFI Plug-N-Play Systems for a late model Dodge Ram. This allowed 100% Programming of all engine functions for the Supercharged 408 CID making 880 HP


We are Manufacturing Adapters for the BigStuff III System and the FAST XFI System for many applications

The latest in Electronic Fuel Injection. We are designing new White Racing Interface Adapters for the Plug-N-Play every day for these systems so Call and Ask.

Download BigComm Software Here for Evaluation


PROGRAMMABLE Electronic Fuel Injection for your Car.

Your Car runs too Rich?

Not getting the Horse Power that you expected?

Buying "Chips" that just are not doing the Job?

We can help with "Plug-n-Play" Systems that get you going in minutes. 100% Programmable and Easy to Install.

Complete System Info Click Here!!!

FORD System

White Racing offers "Plug-n-Play" Electronic Fuel Injection Interface Systems for most applications, which can be installed in minutes and your up and running. These Systems allow total user programmability of all Engine functions. We provide Wide Band O2 controlled Systems by ACCEL, FAST and EFI Technologies.

  "Plug-n-Play" is exactly what it means, Plug it in and Start Playing! 

It's as easy as that....

No after-market vehicle wiring harness to install. This allows you to retain the OEM appearance of your vehicle and still get the full control of all engine functions.

"Plug-n-Play" Info, Answers & FAQ's

1800 HP Twin Turbo Buick V6 Engine

White Racing Stage II V6 Oil Pump

$275 (Pump Only)

$477 Complete with NEW Front Cover

No 6AN Bypass required

8 Gallons Per Minute at 1750 Shaft RPM

Internal Bypass with Adjustable Regulator

Will NOT Explode Oil Filters on Cold Start

Hard Black Anodized

12AN Inlet and 10AN Outlet

Current Pricing for Plug-N-Play Systems


See How to Install the Plug-N-Play Fuel Injection In YOUR CAR in just Minutes


Learn about 100% Closed Loop WBO2 and Linear O2 Control and the Advantages of Purchasing this Option with your Fuel Injection System

Our New EVAC System that gave us some of the HP necessary to run the 7 Second Runs. Based on the Moroso Vacuum Pump this system utilizes a Stock Buick GN Alternator. All Billet 6061-T6 CNC's brackets with many colors of Powder Coating available.


The Aluminum Buick STAGE II V6 Block

New Stage II Aluminum V6 Block



Home of the 7.52 - 188 MPH Buick V6 Turbo Car

We are proud to announce that our customers car ran 7.95 and 7.98 at the 10-Inch Street Car Shoot-Out.


Number 1 Qualifier at the GM High Tech Street Car Shootout.


See the 7-Second Videos on the Fast Cars Page.

Fast Cars Page



Fuel Air Spark Technoligies

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Our 2000 HP DynoJet Chassis Dyno is here to Serve Your Needs.

2000 HP Chassi Dyno

Tune It Yourself or We Can Tune and Calibrate Your Car for You.

Appointments available by phone. Please allow at least 24 hours notice.

Rental is $75 per hour (self tuning)

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We stock VP Racing Fuels






Available in 55 Gallon Drums

(Some fuels available by the gallon)







 We also have a full line of support products to assist your needs.

All prices are subject to change without notice.


20 December 2014